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Welcome to Bill Rosser's blog about Entrepreneurity!

You know, I'm not even sure that entrepreneurity is really a word. If it is, I don't care; if it's not ... well, that suits me just fine and I'll make up my own definition. After all, isn't that the essence of being an entrepreneur, looking for new things, creating new things, trying new things, and being in charge of doing it?

So ...

entrepreneurity (n) The state of mind that drives a person to constantly seek new opportunities in everything that encompasses daily life. This condition often manifests itself as extensive "information gathering" sessions in front of a computer that's always connected to the Internet, the flagrant misuse of available time, constant formation of new business ideas, consumption of vast amounts of quick food, minimal, or no sleep, and frequent accusations by others of being nocturnal.

When someone mentions Entrepreneur that usually conjures up the notion of a Bill Gates, or perhaps some business acquaintance that has been overly successful. While that is certainly an accurate image, the vast majority of entrepreneurs work long hours, in general being moderately successful, and overall earning a comfortable living. But, they are still looking for that new opportunity that will propel them unto the pages of Entrepreneur Magazine. They've been successful, but entrepreneurity won't let them stop there ... tonight, well after dark, when the rest of the world is asleep, new ideas will emerge that will taunt the senses and fuel the habit like cocaine to a junkie!

So let me post this now ... I've got something to Google...

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