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Putting the cart ahead of the horse - er, what horse?

I was recently reminded of an acquaintance who, a good number of years ago, left his job as a car salesman and declared himself a computer consultant. After all, he had been using a Windows PC for a while, typing letters, doing a few spreadsheets, and an occasional marketing flyer. What else was there to know? The consulting business looked like an easy gig.

So, he invested in a really great looking professional office in the downtown area, surrounded by accountants, lawyers, and corporate buildings. He bought the latest PC, printer, and a new suit. After a couple of months, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to pay him a visit just to see how he was doing. He was in quite a bind. For some reason, people wanted networks, and software, and connectivity; all of the things that he just took for granted, and really knew nothing about.

So many potential entrepreneurs, dive into a project having absolutely no depth of understanding whatsoever. In the case above, a bit of research would have revealed that his potential customers weren't looking for someone to show them what they already knew, they were looking for someone to show them the technology that they, and unfortunately he, knew nothing about.

He invested in the things that made him look like a consultant, but a sense of arrogance in thinking that he knew everything there was to know, kept him from investing in what he really needed to be successful. He tried to put the cart ahead of the horse, and ultimately discovered that he didn't even own a horse.

Last I heard, he was painting houses.

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