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Blogging - tougher than being an entrepreneur!

I've received several emails telling me to just "go with the flow" and not to get too deep into the philosophical shit of being an entrepreneur. Ok, so I've been sitting here for three hours trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go in with this blogging gig. This is tougher than I thought. I don't want to focus just on technology, or just on creativity, because at least for me, entrepreneurity involves a whole bunch of things. I just have to figure out what they are. So ....

Yes, I'm a Geek! Well, let me be more specific ... a Linux Geek. I've made a rather decent living from geek-stuff for the past 25 years or so; have patents, presented talks, given seminars, collected T-Shirts from all of the Unix shows.

And yes, creativity is a big thing; I play in a popular southern rock band called Steelhorse, write and record music, and play several instruments. I also create software, design hardware, ride motorcycles, and tinker with things mechanical. I watch MTV and The Discovery Channel. I've fallen off boats, and jumped from airplanes.

While surfing the internet tonight, looking for inspiration, I remembered reading some cool stuff in a blog a few years back that was written by Wil Wheaton of Star Trek TNG fame. So, I went on a trek to find it, and ended up spending a good amount of my evening (night?) reading posts. Now here's a clever and versatile guy; actor, geek, and author. A real entrepreneur. He's taken various skills and brought them together, and into focus.

I'm working on that focus thing ... stay tuned!

And Wil, if you're ever in this part of the country, bring a real guitar. Me and the band will show you how to play all 10 minutes of "Green Grass And High Tides".

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