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Too Much Time On My Hands

03:30 AM

I stop at a gas station/quickie-mart type place for coffee. I stop here every night about the same time. The girl behind the counter asks "What exactly do you do? You're in here every night. Don't you ever get a day off?"

To which I reply, "I'm an entrepreneur, and, no I'm on the go constantly. I rarely have a day off."

I continue, "I'm senior partner at a technology consulting firm, and I have an Internet Investment company."

"OK", she responds as I think a bit more.

"Oh, and I also work as a semi-professional musician.", I add as I start to walk away.

"It keeps me busy", I say as I reach the door. "And I have a business with my son in South Carolina."

Through a sheepish smile she says, "Well, you have a nice day anyway."

As I started the car I wondered what she meant by "have a nice day anyway". I hit the radio button and the local station is playing "Too much time on my hands ...". Is this a sign? Maybe it's time to organize my priorities.

So, have a nice day ... anyway!?

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