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entrepreneurity (n) The state of mind that drives a person to constantly seek new opportunities in everything that encompasses daily life. This condition often manifests itself as extensive "information gathering" sessions in front of a computer that's always connected to the Internet, the flagrant misuse of available time, constant formation of new business ideas, consumption of vast amounts of quick food, minimal, or no sleep, and frequent accusations by others of being nocturnal.

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Everybody loves buzzwords! If we're selling something, we love to use them. If we're buying something, we love to hear them. Buzzwords have probably been around since the dawn of time ... with every new industry comes a whole new batch of buzzwords to use and misuse.

Salesmen love buzzwords because (they believe) it conveys some degree of authority over the customer. And, perhaps in some cases it does. Customers hear buzzwords and are lured into a feeling of false security thinking "Geez, this guy really knows what he's talking about".

Caution! In a lot of cases you may be selling to or buying from someone who really does know what you're talking about. In these cases, blindly throwing buzzwords around makes you look like an idiot.

Enough said! So let's create some of our own buzzwords!

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