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Too Much Time On My Hands

03:30 AM

I stop at a gas station/quickie-mart type place for coffee. I stop here every night about the same time. The girl behind the counter asks "What exactly do you do? You're in here every night. Don't you ever get a day off?"

To which I reply, "I'm an entrepreneur, and, no I'm on the go constantly. I rarely have a day off."

I continue, "I'm senior partner at a technology consulting firm, and I have an Internet Investment company."

"OK", she responds as I think a bit more.

"Oh, and I also work as a semi-professional musician.", I add as I start to walk away.

"It keeps me busy", I say as I reach the door. "And I have a business with my son in South Carolina."

Through a sheepish smile she says, "Well, you have a nice day anyway."

As I started the car I wondered what she meant by "have a nice day anyway". I hit the radio button and the local station is playing "Too much time on my hands ...". Is this a sign? Maybe it's time to organize my priorities.

So, have a nice day ... anyway!?

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Trying To Make Time

Being an entrepreneur always seems to mean having way too much left to do at the end of the day. Such is my case. There’s always “just one more thing”, yea, just one more thing. Most of the time, trying to get out the door to get to a meeting or other appointment is like trying to reschedule World War II … it just ain’t going to happen.

Everywhere I look, I seem to be finding new opportunities and interesting things to do. The problem is finding time to squeeze it all in. This blog is a perfect example. I’ve already been going for nearly 18 hours, and I still have a lot of important things that should have been done today; just not enough time, but I’m working on that.

Here are ten observations about making time and getting things done:

1. Make a list.

2. Make another list.

3. If you can’t work where you are, go someplace else.

4. Most things can’t wait until tomorrow, some things have to.

5. Work on whatever pays the bills.

6. Ignore the phone for a few hours.

7. McDonalds has Wi-Fi; have your email with a burger and fries.

8. Caffeine makes the 20 hour work day almost bearable.

9. If you write software in your dreams, keep the laptop near the bed.

10. If you get one of those brilliant ideas, for the love of God, pull off the road before trying to write it down.

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Getting Started ... Again!

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